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Avoiding Extremes

Marketers sell flagship cameras because that’s the only way to excite us. But do we need it when less expensive models will suit most needs?

Edward Weston

Edward Weston was a famous 20th-century photographer who was known for his pioneering work in high detail photography. His personal life was tempestuous, as well. Here is the interesting story of this remarkable American cultural personality.

Meaningful to Whom?

There’s a difference between personal significance and significance for all. It takes creativity to show people what makes a photograph meaningful to you.

Training Your Brain

Brain training is a popular fad nowadays, and there are ways to train your creative brain, too! It’s all about activating the brain’s reticular formation.


Sometimes the emphasis is necessary for photography, but it’s not so easy as adding an exclamation point. Here are thoughts to help you get your point across.

Zooming In on the Inverse Square Law

Ah, the Inverse Square Law. No, it’s not the latest Netflix thriller, though it could be the title of a photographer’s journey to mastering the art of light and shadow. If you’ve dabbled in photography or audio recording, you’re probably nodding along, recognizing this principle as an old friend (or foe, depending on your experience). But today, let’s take a stroll down the less-trodden path and explore how this fascinating law applies to lighting and the optical quality of our beloved images. A Little Light on the Subject First, here is a quick refresher for those who might have been...