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Through Ansel Adams’ Lens

Ansel Adams isn't just a photography legend; he's a teacher who helps us see the world in a whole new way. His tips make your photos better, and they...

From Raw to Refined

In the world of photography, where camera comparisons and unedited RAW captures dominate discussions, lies a captivating paradox. Let's talk about the...

Old Images, New Perspectives

Apply new perspectives to old images, and surprising things may happen. A lifetime of growth and experiences can help us see potential we didn’t notice...

Life is the Source

There are many ways to approach photography projects. Letting them spring from life itself may be among the best ways to create an organic story.

A New Way to Look at Individuality

Individuality may mean adjusting our styles to suit the photograph rather than making each photograph fit our styles. Learn my thoughts here!

Capturing the Wind

Are there ways beyond motion blur and freeze frames to imply a sense of motion? There are—and here are my thoughts on how to use them.

You See Differently

Viewers can’t see everything that the photographer sees in his or her own images. The art comes from trying to make them see.

Prints Aren’t Going Anywhere

There is a lot of buzz about the death of prints—but they’re not going anywhere soon. Here are my thoughts on why they’re here to stay.


What’s the difference between evergreen content and timely content? Is one better than the other? Here are my thoughts, both on marketing and...

Changing Tastes

Changing tastes are a fact of life—and that means it’s worthwhile to look at images that you may not have enjoyed before. You might see something new.

Live With It

Finding a way to live with your images is a valuable way to learn more about your photography. See how you react to them over time to learn how to...

Experiential Art

Experiential art is the act of creating art through the lens of our own experience—and it’s a great way to create what hasn’t been done before.

Searching for Meaning

Prioritizing the search for meaning may be the secret to creating insightful images. Find out more about my thoughts here!

Balancing Perfection

If ever there were a creative devil, it’s perfectionism. Learn how to selectively cut corners to move on to new projects rather than rehashing the old.

The Best Laid Plans

We all make plans to do photography, but life has a habit of changing those plans. Adaptability is key—and it takes a variety of forms.

Photographic Memoirs

Is there value in creating a photographic memoir, even if your work is unknown? I think so—and here are my reasons for it.

Extreme Familiarity

While some may say that returning to the same places is boring, building greater levels of familiarity enables us to tell richer, deeper photographic...

Seize the Day

Sometimes creativity is all about having a positive mindset—which can be challenging! Here are my thoughts on maintaining that mindset.

Opportunities are Fleeting

Photographic opportunities can be fleeting. It’s on us to take these opportunities as much as we can so that we don’t miss all that potential.

The Dangers of Sunk Cost Fallacy

Sunk cost fallacy is a phenomenon that can lead photographers to doing all kinds of crazy things. Here are thoughts to help you avoid it.

Experiencing People

Sometimes experiencing people, getting to know them, leads to photographic opportunities. Here are thoughts on how people can inspire.

Branching Projects and Spinoffs

Free flowing creativity is a wonderful thing. It’ll lead you to exploring creative branches you never would have imagined. Here’s how to keep it all...

Feeling What You Photograph

Is it possible that we can apply the lessons of musicians to photography? Here’s a quick thought to help you add emotion to your photographs.

Don’t Discount the Trip

If we apply the idea of “the hero’s journey” to photography, we find something surprising: It’s not always the destination that counts, but the path we...

Taking Notes

Life so often leads us to missing photographic opportunities. Perhaps we as photographers must learn to become better note takers, too.

Repeating Yourself

How can you tell when an image in a series is repetitive? We may need to try the tricks that writers use to see what fits and what needs to go.