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Clean Edges

The devil is in the details, as they say, and we photographers don’t always notice the little distractions around the edges. Here are some thoughts on...

Avoiding Extremes

Marketers sell flagship cameras because that’s the only way to excite us. But do we need it when less expensive models will suit most needs?

Meaningful to Whom?

There’s a difference between personal significance and significance for all. It takes creativity to show people what makes a photograph meaningful to...

Training Your Brain

Brain training is a popular fad nowadays, and there are ways to train your creative brain, too! It’s all about activating the brain’s reticular...


Sometimes the emphasis is necessary for photography, but it’s not so easy as adding an exclamation point. Here are thoughts to help you get your point...

Effortless Photography

Art should be an effortless thing that sweeps you up rather than leaving you in awe of technical aspects. Here are my thoughts on achieving effortless...

Is Photography Dying?

Is photography dying as an art form? I don’t think so, and here are my arguments against the idea that photography is in its waning years.

Bragging Rights

We sometimes fall into the trap of doing things the hard way just to say that we did. But, viewers rarely get to hear the story of an image’s creation.

Finding Time or Making Time?

Accomplishing the things we want to do isn’t so much about finding time, but about making time. Here are my thoughts on why this mindset is important.

Photography Every Day

Daily photography is a good habit to form if you can make time for it! It keeps us sharp and increases the odds of making something fantastic.

Personal Expression

How does one create unique art in an age when everything has already been photographed? By taking the subject material and making it personal.


Knowledge changes with time. Sometimes we need to relearn what we thought we knew—and that’s why going back to the basics for a refresher is important.

Magic Numbers

Magic numbers are a real thing, though perhaps not in the way that you suppose. I’ll show you how certain numbers will benefit your photographs.

Work Your Subject

Seasoned photographers develop a couple useful habits when they’re out in the field. Here are two things pros do when searching for an interesting...

Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone

As a photographer, it’s important to step outside your comfort zone and rise to challenges. That’s the best way to push yourself, learn new things, and...

The Magic of a Single Photo

In our image-saturated world, what elevates a photograph from merely being seen to being truly unforgettable? Let’s delve into the transformative power...

Are We Overlooking the Shadows?

We think of photography as the art of painting with light—but we paint in shadow, too. Here are some thoughts that might give you new perspective.

AI Photography

Let’s explore the blend of AI and photography. As AI changes the way we capture and enhance images, does it add to or take away from the authenticity...

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is not only a virtue among photographers, but a requirement. No matter how frustrating things become, keep searching for creative...

Atmosphere in Your Photography

Atmosphere is important to photography, but not in the way that you think. This is what shifts your thoughts and feelings to align best with your...

Deliberate Mistakes

There are many techniques, like overexposure, that can look like mistakes when they’re not done right. Here’s how to use them so they look purposeful!

Location! Location! Location!

Let’s discover why the best photos often come from unexpected places. This article challenges the myth that location is everything in photography...

Photography Isn’t a Team Sport!

Cooperation among photographers is wonderful, but when teams form around brands, genres or other parts of photography, this limits creative exploration.

Time for Observation

There are lots of quick creative workouts you can do daily to keep your mind in shape. Try simple observation to help keep your creative mind at its...

Opinions are Opinions

Photography is by necessity rife with opinions on everything from composition to camera models. Who do you believe? In most cases, yourself.

Live With It

Finding a way to live with your images is a valuable way to learn more about your photography. See how you react to them over time to learn how to...

There’s No Shame in Versatility

Photographers tend to steer clear of labeling themselves as generalists. But could specialization prove limiting? Here are some of my thoughts on this!