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Repeating Yourself

How can you tell when an image in a series is repetitive? We may need to try the tricks that writers use to see what fits and what needs to go.

The Wane of Camera Reviews

With camera reviews on the wane, what will bloggers talk about next? Maybe this is a signal that it’s time to return to the creative side of things.

High School Tricks

It’s easy to get into the high school mentality when trying to fluff out a portfolio—but it’s ill advised. Let the project end at its natural stopping...

Making Photography a Daily Habit

It’s tough to take photos every day, but there are lots of little ways you can work photography into a busy life. Here are a few ideas to get you...

Is Your Niche Too Narrow?

That old “jack of all trades, master of none” mentality could limit us as photographers. Here are my thoughts on the benefits of broadening your...

Unusual Categories

Looking for the unusual is what photographers do, and looking for unusual categories can help you create projects. Here are thoughts to help you get...

The Best Tools

What is the best camera system? Only you can answer that question. The best gear is the gear that doesn’t interrupt your artmaking with technical...

Something to Share

There are so many ways to share beyond social media, but we sometimes lose sight of that. Here are some ideas to help you share your photography.

There are Stories Everywhere

Everyone and everything has a story to tell. On uninspired days, searching for these unique stories might be the best way to create art.

The Hidden Costs of Photography

What are the hidden costs to photography? There are lots, and they’re lurking where you least expect them! Here are some thoughts to help you find them.

Not Saving Film Anymore

We are no longer limited by the number of exposures in a roll of film. These days, it’s better to leave nothing to chance and take lots of exposures.

Much Ado About Noise

Could it be that we worry too much about noise? Is the point of art to be as realistic as it can be? Sometimes—but not always!

Moving Pictures

Once we hang a piece of art, it often remains in place for years. Wouldn’t it be nice to change art often for more variety? Here are some ideas!

Organizing the Chaos

The more elements in a photograph, the more difficult it is to organize. But I think it can benefit us to rise to this challenge and organize the chaos.

Buried Treasure

Our digital archives have a tendency to gather virtual dust, but they could be filled with buried treasures. Here are my thoughts on unearthing those...

Connecting with People

What is the deeper meaning behind the marketing term, “humanizing your brand?” It means actually being a person in order to make genuine connections.

Building Cumulative Knowledge

Not all of us have time to spare on major educational endeavors. But with modern technology, it is possible to keep learning it bite sizes pieces!

Make it Special

The true test of photographic skill is to be able to make the extraordinary from the ordinary. Read more about my thoughts on this here.

Maintaining Your Tools

We maintain our equipment, but we sometimes forget about the most important tool of all: Ourselves. Read my thoughts on good health to promote good...

What Old Fogies Can Teach the Young

Creaky joints simply won’t carry us as far as they used to, so we spend more time lingering and studying. The young and hasty among us can learn from...

Starting Small

Big dreams are a wonderful thing—but they risk leaving you feeling overwhelmed, too. Approach big projects carefully to avoid burning yourself out.

Photographing Textures

Texture is an easy thing to overlook in many photographs, but they can make or break an image. Here are my thoughts on how to look at texture.


Goals are the guideposts that take us along our photographic journey. Let me show you how setting objectives for yourself helps you achieve mastery.

The Creative’s Guilt

Sometimes the guilt of not creating leads us to avoid creative activities just so that we can avoid the guilt. Set that guilt aside and get back to...

One Step at a Time

Big projects can be incredibly intimidating. It becomes hard to see a path to completion. That’s when you need to break it down into manageable chunks.

What is the Next Revolution?

What form will the next revolution in photography take? I don’t think it will be the tools. I think it will be the art itself. Here are my thoughts.

When is the Next Revolution?

Photography seems to go through revolutions every few decades as new things emerge to shake up the way we do things. When is that next revolution...

The Creative Flow

What to do when the creative flow ebbs? Should you force photography or let it slide? The answer depends on many factors—individualism most of all.

Making Time for Yourself

There’s a lot of pressure to not only keep up with responsibilities, but to keep churning out creative works. Make time for yourself so you can...