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Active Versus Passive Photography

We can classify photography in any number of ways—and the difference between active and passive photography is one of them. Learn more about these...

To Explain or Not to Explain?

Should photographers offer explanations of their art, or should interpretation be entirely on the viewer? Perhaps the middle ground is the right answer.


Planning is an essential part of the photographer’s routine. But when we can make time for it, experimentation has a lot of benefits to offer us.

Content is the Universal Truth

Sometimes we forget that content really is the universal truth—and that leads us to spending too much time on the details. More on my thoughts here.

One and Only

We all have favorite photographers who influence our work. But ultimately, each of us must grow beyond our role models to create the art only we can...

Creative Technology

Is the solution to our limitations to invest in a new piece of gear? Or is it more a matter of finding creative solutions using the equipment we have...

Well Intentioned Photographs

There are as many motivations as there are photographers. Question is, are you creating well-intentioned photographs, or creating for another reason?

Magic Numbers

Magic numbers are a real thing, though perhaps not in the way that you suppose. I’ll show you how certain numbers will benefit your photographs.

The Many Benefits of Old Age

We don’t think of old age as having many benefits, but it does! We grow wiser, and through patience or other means, we slow down to observe the world.

Personal Aesthetics

There isn’t any accounting for taste, although photographers can try to follow mass appeal. But is this the wise choice instead of following your heart?

Dig Deep

We often give photographs a passing glance when searching for something to study. But it’s worthwhile to dig deeper even when images don’t initially...

Time is Valuable

No matter who you ask, every photographer will have a different answer as to what they prize most highly. But time is the most valuable resource of all.

Blurred Mediums

Photography is an interesting art in that we blur the lines between mediums more so than most. Check out my thoughts on this and you’ll see what I mean!

Shine a Spotlight on It

Spotlighting is an often overlooked technique, which is a shame because there are many, many different creative ways to put single light sources to...


Productivity aside, there is value to be had in the journey. Sometimes simply wandering may be the best thing—and I’ll show you why.

What You Want to Say

Photographers love to tell stories about where, how and why their photographs were made. And that begs the question, shouldn’t our images speak for...

Dealing with the Weather

Weather is one of the biggest struggles any photographer will face. When it doesn’t cooperate, we have to be creative enough to work with what it gives...

Looking in the Mirror

Photography is really a way of projecting our personal perspectives onto the world. That’s what makes each image from every photographer unique.

Aging Photographs

It’s tempting to share exciting new images as soon as we can after taking them. But letting them age a little bit can truly bring out the beauty.

Training Your Brain

Brain training is a popular fad nowadays, and there are ways to train your creative brain, too! It’s all about activating the brain’s reticular...

Preparing Your Mind

Throughout the day, our minds go from work to errands to family and more. It helps to take a moment and shift gears so you can prepare your mind to be...

When Future Proofing Goes Wrong

Future-proofing is good in that we need gear to suit our photographic needs—but it can go wrong, too! Here are thoughts on when future-proofing goes...

Going in Blind

Going on a photography trip without pre-scouting the area can be a valuable challenge that teaches you to trust your instincts. Read my thoughts here.

Content is King

Content is king in photography, but maybe not quite in the way you think. It’s the emotional content that counts, the pieces of ourselves that we pour...

Every Pixel Counts

There’s so much that is out of our control. Weather, animals, the people that we photograph. But in the digital darkroom, we can control every single...

Bragging Rights

We sometimes fall into the trap of doing things the hard way just to say that we did. But, viewers rarely get to hear the story of an image’s creation.

Work Your Subject

Seasoned photographers develop a couple useful habits when they’re out in the field. Here are two things pros do when searching for an interesting...