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Are Second Takes Better?

Photographers are always striving to create something new. But, we shouldn’t discount the value that comes with the occasional second take.

What Do You Want from Photography?

It’s important to ask ourselves what we want from photography. When we can answer that question, we know what course to take toward the future.

Breathing Life into Portraits

Portraits are often static, like a still-life, featuring neutral looks. But they don’t have to be. Get your subject animated to add life to your...

The Ideal is Undependable

The dream is to display our images under ideal conditions. This isn’t always possible, so we need to design photographs to hold beauty no matter what.

What is a Megapixel?

What’s all the buzz about megapixels? Here are some thoughts to clear up confusion so you can decide whether your camera needs more megapixels.

Doing a Double Take

Online culture has taught us to flip through images quickly. But the good images are worth a double take. Too, we should create images with this in...

Your Photographic Fingerprint

Are you afraid to tread the same ground other photographers have walked? No need to worry because your photographic fingerprint sets your images apart.

Open Yourself to Possibilities

Worries about choosing the right place to take a photographic trip are common, but they shouldn’t be! Everywhere has something worth photographing.

Persistence is the Secret to Success

It’s not gear or exotic destinations that makes us successful photographers. It’s the persistence to keep going out into the field, taking photographs...

Re-prioritizing Today Over Tomorrow

Is it possible that we spend too much time mulling the future instead of creating today? Here are thoughts about balancing creativity with future...

Creative Control in the Digital Age

The digital age comes with a loss of creative control when it comes to displaying our photographs. These quick thoughts might help you remedy that...

What You Think About

Think more creatively, become more creative? It works, I think! Here are some thoughts on how creative thought can make you a better photographer.

Broadening Your Horizons

Is it possible to create a photograph that doesn’t fit into any genre? Maybe, maybe not, but the pursuit of such an image could be worthwhile.

Forget about Gear

Is it the gear that makes art? Or is it the photographer’s creative skill? It’s time to forget about the gear and instead, focus on the mind that...