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Meaningful to Whom?

There’s a difference between personal significance and significance for all. It takes creativity to show people what makes a photograph meaningful to...

Your Target Audience

Common marketing strategies often lead to photographers marketing to other photographers. But there are ways to put artwork in front of a broader...

The Road Never Ends

Once the technical learning is done, that’s when it may feel like the learning is over. But that’s when your photographic journey is just beginning.

Preparing for Any Display

The one area that photographers can’t control is a print’s display. Keep this in mind to create photos that show well in any situation!

Preserving Photography

Is digital preservation safer than archival prints as a way to keep our photographs for the future? I think so, and there are a couple of good reasons...

Photography Isn’t Dying!

Is photography dying as an art form? I don’t think so, and here are my arguments against the idea that photography is in its waning years.

Personal Expression

How does one create unique art in an age when everything has already been photographed? By taking the subject material and making it personal.

Don’t Count on Second Chances

Second chances to revisit our favorite places are wonderful. But everything is subject to change, so we can’t take those second chances for granted.

The Natural Conclusion

Today, with limitless digital storage, there’s no reason to limit photography projects to just a few images. Pursue a project to its natural conclusion!

Anchor Shots in Photography

Anchor shots are the most important part of a series. You never know when you could create a series, so it’s a good idea to make anchor shots a habit.

Creative Uses for Zoom Lenses

Why carry around a gear bag full of prime lenses when one or two zoom lenses will give you the same focal range without sacrificing quality?

Engaging Senses

Photography is purely a visual experience. However, there are ways to evoke the other senses, which will make for a richer, fuller viewing experience.

Joys of Photography Magazines

Online photography viewing can be problematic. Photography magazines are one way to expose yourself to new art in a setting that invites you to linger.

Patience is a Virtue

Patience is not only a virtue among photographers, but a requirement. No matter how frustrating things become, keep searching for creative...

Are Second Takes Better?

Photographers are always striving to create something new. But, we shouldn’t discount the value that comes with the occasional second take.

What Do You Want from Photography?

It’s important to ask ourselves what we want from photography. When we can answer that question, we know what course to take toward the future.

Breathing Life into Portraits

Portraits are often static, like a still-life, featuring neutral looks. But they don’t have to be. Get your subject animated to add life to your...

The Ideal is Undependable

The dream is to display our images under ideal conditions. This isn’t always possible, so we need to design photographs to hold beauty no matter what.

What is a Megapixel?

What’s all the buzz about megapixels? Here are some thoughts to clear up confusion so you can decide whether your camera needs more megapixels.

Revisiting Old Stomping Grounds

Those familiar places you’ve frequented with a camera in hand don’t have to be boring. If you’re willing to look, there are always new photographs to...

Doing a Double Take

Online culture has taught us to flip through images quickly. But the good images are worth a double take. Too, we should create images with this in...