Category - Travel Photography

Country Roads

Join me on a journey through West Virginia's backroads, where each abandoned barn and farm holds a mystery. Let's explore the untold stories and...

Opportunities are Fleeting

Photographic opportunities can be fleeting. It’s on us to take these opportunities as much as we can so that we don’t miss all that potential.

Don’t Discount the Trip

If we apply the idea of “the hero’s journey” to photography, we find something surprising: It’s not always the destination that counts, but the path we...

Taking Notes

Life so often leads us to missing photographic opportunities. Perhaps we as photographers must learn to become better note takers, too.

The Creative Flow

What to do when the creative flow ebbs? Should you force photography or let it slide? The answer depends on many factors—individualism most of all.

Dealing with the Weather

Weather is one of the biggest struggles any photographer will face. When it doesn’t cooperate, we have to be creative enough to work with what it gives...

Open Yourself to Possibilities

Worries about choosing the right place to take a photographic trip are common, but they shouldn’t be! Everywhere has something worth photographing.

A Brief History of Neon Lighting

Have you ever wondered how neon signs were invented? The development of this art closely mirrors the development of photography. Learn more about it...

Snapshots as a Starting Point

Snapshots taken while wandering aimlessly seem like they have little value. I would argue that these resources are starting points for something bigger!

Culture, Permission and Photography

Is it always necessary to ask permission to take a photo? Not always, but sometimes cultural norms will dictate whether permission is necessary. Join...

The Intriguing Bodie Ghost Town

Do you know about Bodie? It is one of the best-preserved examples of the original Old West in the United States. Here's what you need to know about...

Tips for Photographers on Vacation

Are you traveling to an exciting destination and intend on taking lots of impressive photos to show the folks back home? Here are some awesome tips on...