Category - Beginning Photography

Photographic Memoirs

Is there value in creating a photographic memoir, even if your work is unknown? I think so—and here are my reasons for it.

You See Differently

Viewers can’t see everything that the photographer sees in his or her own images. The art comes from trying to make them see.

Why the Pros Shoot in RAW

The JPEG represented a huge leap in technology compared to film. RAW files are another leap – one that professionals were glad to make.

Developing Your Photographic Style

Some photographers struggle when it comes to defining their personal style. Learn what style is and what it is not to understand how your style makes.

Why Spontaneity Doesn’t Work

Fine art photography isn't a spur of the moment activity. There is a lot of waiting and thinking. Here are the times in the process that I like to wait.

You Get What You Pay For

What does photography actually cost? In terms of time, money, thought and creativity, you will get out what you put in when creating photographs.

Copyrights and the Community

It doesn’t take much to say something when you think it might be necessary—and it can be a good way to help foster a sense of community.

Stick With It

Sometimes you need a break, but sometimes you need to stick with it. How do you tell the difference between these two times? Here are my thoughts.

Formulas versus Strategies

What is the difference between a formula and a strategy? In photography, it can be hard to tell. Here are my thoughts on how to differentiate the two.

There Can Be No Formula

Where photography is concerned, there can be no tried and true formula that we can rely on for photograph after photograph. We must keep innovating.

No One Cares How You Got There

Does the artistic process matter? Of course—but only to the artist. For the audience, it’s the result that matters most.

How to Become More Curious

Curiosity is essential to photography—and there are ways to become more inquisitive. It all comes from exploring and the thrill of discovery.

Unrestricted Passion

We don’t have to limit ourselves to photography. It’s possible to have multiple artistic passions—and pursuing all of them helps us hone skills across...

Find Your People

Finding your people doesn’t mean building a community of admirers on social media. It’s about building a community where there is kinship, learning and...

Sharp Picture, Fuzzy Concept

If there’s a quote that photographers should live by, it’s this one. Photography across mediums and throughout history proves it to be true.


Part of being artistic is the ability to be merciless during the act of creation. Self-critique without being unkind, and know when to cut what isn’t...

The Best Laid Plans

We all make plans to do photography, but life has a habit of changing those plans. Adaptability is key—and it takes a variety of forms.

Extreme Familiarity

While some may say that returning to the same places is boring, building greater levels of familiarity enables us to tell richer, deeper photographic...

Seize the Day

Sometimes creativity is all about having a positive mindset—which can be challenging! Here are my thoughts on maintaining that mindset.