Category - Beginning Photography

The Many Meanings of Perspective

What does perspective mean to a photographer? It can mean several different things, each of which is a vital tool for adding depth to your photography.

A Photographer’s Frustrations

What frustrates you as a photographer? We all have things that annoy us, and it is wise to share those things. Here are some of my pet peeves!

Artspeak vs. Meaningful Conversation

What is artspeak? Artspeak, while at times valuable, is something that doesn't satisfy creativity. Here are thoughts about starting deep conversations.

How to Use a Neutral Density Filter

(Hinton, WV Railroad Depot) As a photographer, there are all kinds of tools at your disposal, from lenses and filters to lighting equipment and more...

Photography is Potential

Does every image in a collection of RAW files have the potential to become art? Here are some insights as to how you can make assets realize their...