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Printing by Feel

What are the best papers and printing techniques for your images? There isn’t an objective answer...

Behind Our Obsession with Big

It seems we have an obsession with big—big cameras, big lenses, all of it to make big prints. But do we need these things, or is this our ego talking?

Prints Aren’t Going Anywhere

There is a lot of buzz about the death of prints—but they’re not going anywhere soon. Here are my thoughts on why they’re here to stay.

The Ideal is Undependable

The dream is to display our images under ideal conditions. This isn’t always possible, so we need to design photographs to hold beauty no matter what.

A Guide to Publishing Photo Books

Should you publish a photography book? For some photographers, this may be the answer. Here is an overview of the things you’ll need to know to succeed.

What is the Value of Prints?

How valuable is the print in today’s world of digital devices and online photo sharing? That is a question that each individual must answer for...

Basing Print Size on Your Viewers

Are 40-megapixel cameras truly a necessity? Perhaps for some, but not necessarily for everyone! Audiences and print sizes can help you choose a camera.

Types of Photographic Prints

There are a surprising number of ways to print a photograph and each printmaking method offers something different. Here are some printmaking processes...