Category - The Art of Creativity

Random Acts of Photography

Random acts of photography are a great way to jumpstart your creativity and see things in new ways. Check out these ideas to randomize your photo...

Postcard Inspirations

If you’re looking for more inspiration, why not look into postcards? I’ll show you some of the many ways this can help you to further your photography!

Defining Quality

What is it that makes one image a high-quality photograph while another may be deemed lesser? The definition of quality may not be quite what you think!

Practice Using the Artistic Study

Artists have used the artistic study for centuries to hone their skills in preparation for a completed work. Photographers can use this technique, too!

Photography and Personal Growth

Creative endeavors require personal growth for the artist to advance. Here are some thoughts on what personal growth means for photographers.

Letting Art Happen

With our modern lifestyle, there isn’t always time to turn photography into a production. Here are tips that will help you let art happen on busy days.

The Beauty of a Series

Series projects are a valuable tool, even for photographers that prefer singular images. Here are a few thoughts on why working on collections can be...

The Double Lives of Photographers

How can you get more creative work done without separating your personal life from your photographic life? Here are some ideas that can help you blend...

What Makes a Photograph Powerful?

What is it that makes photographs powerful? We can see from history that it isn't technical limitations. Here are some thoughts on what gives an image...

Thoughts on Perfection and Reality TV

How can we apply reality TV to photography? The answer is in the imperfections that make this genre seem real. Perhaps these flaws are needed to add...

Photography Is Your Life

Photography is a devotion, but it is also a record of ideas unique to your life. Here are some insights on capturing the thoughts and feelings unique...

Art is a Journey on a Winding Road

Art is a journey, one that takes us down many twists and turns, with many ups and downs along the way. Use each bump in the road as a source of...

Breaking Away From the Clichés

It’s hard to find photographic subjects that aren’t clichéd. If you're searching for something new and exciting, here are some thoughts that may help.

The Art of Waiting

Throughout your career as a photographer, you'll find yourself waiting for many reasons. Perhaps it is time to turn those wait times into a creative...