Category - The Art of Creativity

The Sublime in the Simple

Photography is not just about capturing the world as it is but seeing it with a fresh perspective, finding stories in the overlooked, and celebrating...

The Photograph You Didn’t Take

Standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon, you find your camera blocking the awe-inspiring view. As you journey through America's varied landscapes, you...

Finding Hidden Gems

Ever feel like life is just a series of big moments, leaving you wondering what's in between? Just like a photograph holds more than what first meets...

Taking Inspiration in New Ways

Inspiration doesn’t have to come from photography alone. Look for it in all aspects of life and from all kinds of people.

The Devil Is in the Details

There are times when the pursuit of technical perfection overshadows the creative side of photography. If perfectionism bogs you down, these thoughts...

Developing Your Photographic Style

Some photographers struggle when it comes to defining their personal style. Learn what style is and what it is not to understand how your style makes.

Why Should Your Photos Stand Alone?

You don't always need to create images that stand alone. You can create wonderful works of art by combining several photographs into one cohesive story.

Revisiting Your Old Work

Your old images - both your archives and your old favorites - are a window into your past. Revisit those old images to learn something new about your...

Finding Inspiration

What is it that has moved you to create photographs in the past? Can you repeat the experience? Here are some thoughts to help you find sources of...

Embracing Change

Change is inevitable in photography. How we handle it is interesting. Here are more of my thoughts on goals, change, and how we may learn about our...

Balancing Perfection

If ever there were a creative devil, it’s perfectionism. Learn how to selectively cut corners to move on to new projects rather than rehashing the old.

Music, Meditation and Motivation

Music, meditation, art, and all the myriad forms of media are all things we can use to fuel our creative lives. They motivate us, inspire us, and give...

Should You Believe in Yourself?

Believing in yourself may well be one of the most important aspects to photography or to any art form. Here are my thoughts on why this is important.

A New Format?

Where image content and layout is concerned, we take inspiration from all kinds of places. What about the graphical style of comics? Here are my...

What Old Fogies Can Teach the Young

Creaky joints simply won’t carry us as far as they used to, so we spend more time lingering and studying. The young and hasty among us can learn from...

Using Adversity to Your Advantage

Creating art is no easy feat when adversity strikes. If you can find a way to create anyway, you can channel that adversity into powerful photographs.

Art is Timeless

Classical works teach us that art has timeless value—and that includes photography. This is why we spend time with images in order to fully understand...

Photography for Yourself

Are you truly photographing the things you love, or are you unknowingly letting trends guide you? Here are some thoughts to help you find out!

Transcending the Technical

Technical skill helps create a good photograph, but even perfect images can lack meaning. Use these questions to find meaning in every image you create.

Finding Meaning and Focusing on It

Making a powerful image requires the ability to remove unessential information from the frame. Here are some thoughts that will help you achieve this!