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6 Tips for Better Portraits

Capturing a perfect portrait of an individual or group can be a challenge. You want the image to be interesting, have great composition and show.

Experiencing People

Sometimes experiencing people, getting to know them, leads to photographic opportunities. Here are thoughts on how people can inspire.

Connecting with People

What is the deeper meaning behind the marketing term, “humanizing your brand?” It means actually being a person in order to make genuine connections.

Richard Avedon

What can be learned from the life and times of Richard Avedon? Dozens of things though the most important lessons deal with the way he approached...

Breathing Life into Portraits

Portraits are often static, like a still-life, featuring neutral looks. But they don’t have to be. Get your subject animated to add life to your...

Perfecting Portraiture #3: Hair

In the previous two posts, you learned how to photograph the eyes and the skin to their best advantage. The final major element to portraiture...

Perfecting Portraiture #2

It is easy to ensure that portrait subjects have perfect skin in finished images. I'll show you the basics that you'll need to create that flawless...

Perfecting Portraiture #1: Eyes

Portrait photography is the perfect way to ensure that you have a steady supply of interesting subjects. Learn the tips and tricks for portraiture...

8 Tips for the Perfect Candid Photos

The Holidays are the perfect time to take a few candid photos. Use these tips to make sure you capture the right moments and create lasting memories!

Early Photography and the Elderly

The invention of photography leads indirectly to the modern world of genealogy, starting with getting photos done of older relatives. Here are the...