Category - Photography Fundamentals

There’s No Shame in Versatility

Photographers tend to steer clear of labeling themselves as generalists. But could specialization prove limiting? Here are some of my thoughts on this!

Zooming In on the Inverse Square Law

    Ah, the Inverse Square Law. No, it’s not the latest Netflix thriller, though it could be the title of a photographer’s journey to mastering the art of...

    Understanding the Human Eye

    The human eye does not look at the world the same way that a camera does. To design effective images, you'll need to understand how the eye sees.

    Aperture: Photography Fundamentals

    The aperture is one of your most important tools. Learn how masters such as W. Eugene Smith and Ansel Adams used aperture settings to create their art.

    Self-Examination as a Photographer

    If we, as photographers, aren't introspective, we may not see how our thoughts change over time. Take a moment to think back and refresh yourself.

    ISO: Photography Fundamentals

    Choosing the correct ISO speed is a balancing act. Learn how to balance your exposure while minimizing the grainy look that some high-ISO images have.

    Change is Good

    Change can be hard. It is tough to learn new things, break old habits, move forward. But it's essential to photography. Here are my thoughts on the...

    A Deeper Look into Composition

    There's a lot more to composition than the Rule of Thirds or other compositional laws. Learn new, stronger ways to see so that you can make better...