About Will Moneymaker

    Will Moneymaker is a freelance photographer, family historian, husband of twenty-five years, and devoted father of four.

    In 2002, Will received his first DSLR – the Fujifilm FinePix S602 Zoom. With this camera, he rediscovered his passion for photography. Since that time, Will has taken thousands of photographs and attended numerous conferences and workshops to polish his skills.  His work has been published in many publications.

    Will’s Artistic Vision and Inspiration

    Will believes that there is a big difference between taking photos and making them. His work is a personal experience in which he expresses the joys of his art, whether that is hiking several miles to a hidden waterfall or vista or the pleasure of coming to know the person he is photographing. When it comes to portraiture, Will understands that learning about each’s personality helps bring out a beautiful image of that person. At events, he loves to capture those special split-second moments so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. When Will is behind the camera, he experiences the moment through all of his senses and then captures it forever.

    Will’s inspiration comes from the opportunity to see and experience new things through the lens. Ansel Adams once said, “Every man’s work is always a portrait of himself.” That is why Will has taught himself to be his own worst critic. He is always analyzing his photos, focusing on the subject matter, and learning how he can create something better. The process of learning and developing as a photographer is something that never ends.

    A Word on Will’s Artistic Style

    One of the most famous bits of advice Will has been given is to narrow down his photographic style. The thing is, it takes years to develop a style. We rely on artists that inspire us, and we all have a uniqueness that lends something different to the art of photography. Every person has a different way of reacting to and appreciating the beauty that surrounds him or her. One person might prefer the simple touches, like focusing on the eyes within a portrait, while another enjoys finding those interesting foreground elements in a breathtaking landscape. Still, others can spend hours lost in the beauty of the lines, shapes, and geometry of an abstract image.

    So, despite the advice, Will has never narrowed his style. His images are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, no matter their tastes. There are some things, like long exposures, that are old favorites, and Will enjoys the play of shadows and light in black and white photography. Nevertheless, Will always finds it exciting to experiment with a variety of new and diverse techniques.

    When it comes to a genre or a favorite subject, Will refuses to assign his work to one or two categories. Today, he might be working on product photography, and tomorrow he could be working on aerial shots or landscapes. Photography as an art is endless in its diversity, so Will lives by the philosophy that every day brings something new. His favorite subjects are those that happen to be in front of his lens on a given day. As Imogen Cunningham once said,

    “Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow.”

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