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A Guide to Publishing Photo Books

Should you publish a photography book? For some photographers, this may be the answer. Here is an overview of the things you’ll need to know to succeed.

Practice Using the Artistic Study

Artists have used the artistic study for centuries to hone their skills in preparation for a completed work. Photographers can use this technique, too!

Avoid Becoming the Jaded Photographer

What does it mean for a photographer to be jaded? It’s a problem that hampers creativity, but the fix is easy. We need only adjust the way we see the...

What is the Value of Prints?

How valuable is the print in today’s world of digital devices and online photo sharing? That is a question that each individual must answer for...

5 Unusual Sources of Inspiration

Sometimes you run low not only on inspiration but also on places to search for inspiration. If that sounds like you, then here are some ideas that may...