Category - Camera Gear

Lessons from Old Gear

There is a lot to be learned from old cameras—lessons that we risk losing. Maybe it’s time to dust off those antiques to see what they can teach us.

Technology is Just a Tool

Discussion of good images and bad often talks about gear. Gear isn’t what makes the image. It’s just a tool. The mind behind the image is what makes it...

The Dangers of Sunk Cost Fallacy

Sunk cost fallacy is a phenomenon that can lead photographers to doing all kinds of crazy things. Here are thoughts to help you avoid it.

The Wane of Camera Reviews

With camera reviews on the wane, what will bloggers talk about next? Maybe this is a signal that it’s time to return to the creative side of things.

The Best Tools

What is the best camera system? Only you can answer that question. The best gear is the gear that doesn’t interrupt your artmaking with technical...

Much Ado About Noise

Could it be that we worry too much about noise? Is the point of art to be as realistic as it can be? Sometimes—but not always!

When Future Proofing Goes Wrong

Future-proofing is good in that we need gear to suit our photographic needs—but it can go wrong, too! Here are thoughts on when future-proofing goes...

What is a Megapixel?

What’s all the buzz about megapixels? Here are some thoughts to clear up confusion so you can decide whether your camera needs more megapixels.

Choosing Your New Camera

Purchasing a new camera isn't easy. It almost always means making some compromises or tradeoffs. Here are my thoughts on how to make the right choice.

Which Lenses Belong in Your Kit?

If you're a budding photographer, you are probably already looking at new lenses. I'll show you which lenses to buy, and when you should buy them.